Pak Mail Littleton Colorado
Pak Mail Littleton
8601 W. Cross Dr. #F5
Littleton, CO 80123
Tel: 303-971-0088
Fax: 303-971-0155
Shipping Littleton, Colorado
Shipping Littleton

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Recycle Peanuts and Styrofoam

Peanut & Styrofoam Recycling LittletonPak Mail centers around the country are part of The Peanut Hotline, a packing peanut reuse program created in 1991 by the Plastic Loose Fill Council. You are welcome to drop off unwanted clean packing peanuts at our store, where we will do our best to recycle them in our packaging. Together we will make a significant contribution to keeping our planet green. We also accept clean flat pieces of packing Styrofoam.

Pak Mail Littleton purchases “new” packing peanuts from a vendor that sells “Ozone Damage Free” Manufacturer Certified 100% Recycled Product.


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Custom Crating & Packing Freight Services Art, Antiques, & Auctions  
We build custom crates, boxes, and pallets for large, oversized, and fragile items. Pak Mail provides global freight forwarding/logistics solutions by air, ocean, and ground. We pack and ship paintings, sculptures, glass, antiques, and auction treasures.